Safety Info


All entrances to classrooms are equipped with electronic keypad locks. Only staff and parents know the code.

Children are only released to people on a parent chosen list. If the staff is not familar with the person their identification is checked to ensure they are authorized to pick the child up.


The majority of our staff has been certified in communicable disease. They constantly look for signs of illness and respond quickly in separating a contagious child from the group.

Staff and children wash hands frequently- upon arrival, before & after meals, and after using the restroom- to prevent disease.

Eating surfaces, bathrooms, changing tables, and toys are sanitized on a regular basis.

Physical & Mental Well Being

Many of our staff members are certified in

  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Child Abuse
  • Communicable Disease

Our small class sizes allow teachers to be more attentive to our children’s needs.

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